Brian Krantz

What is your Boating Budget? Stage 3 North Hall 12:15 pm 1/27/2017 Friday
Navigating like a Pro with the Devices You Own Stage 5 Club Level 5:15 pm 1/29/2017 Sunday
Stories of a Towing and Salvage Captain: What Really Makes You Safe! Stage 3 North Hall 2:15 pm 1/31/2017 Tuesday
Boat Building in Finland Stage 3 North Hall 2:15 pm 2/2/2017 Thursday


Seminar Descriptions:

What is your Boating Budget?

A new way to look at how to invest your money in boating. Yes, we used the invest word! Get the most out of your investment and have the lowest cost of ownership!

Navigating like a Pro with the Devices You Own

Navigating has become so much more accessible. What can I do with my existing device? Do I need permanent mounted Marine Electronics? Answers to these questions and so much more!

Stories of a Towing and Salvage Captain. What really makes you safe!

Real life experiences, instead of marketing hype. Whats new, what works and how do you really stay safe. 

Boat Building in Finland

How is the boat building culture in Finland different than here in the US? Do they make good boats? How are they different? Are they really expensive? If you are curious about the boat building culture in Finland come see great slides direct from a Finnish Boat Building Factory!

Boat Buyers University

Boat Buyers University is a program started by Inside Passage Yacht Sales that has been designed to provide the education buyers need to make more informed decisions when choosing their next boat, regardless of size or price. The classes are regularly presented at boat shows and we are in progress of adding the materials and videos to our website. If you are interested in a class for your group or yacht club, please contact us.

Course Description:

Every boat has its pros and cons. From 12 foot skiffs to 120 million dollar yachts, there are no exceptions to this rule. Choosing the right boat in the sea of possibilities requires a very specific set of questions that must be asked to ensure that what you are buying will help you live the lifestyle you want to live.

From engine types to hull design, from electronics to batteries, from navigation to engine monitors, like other technologies, the boating world is changing extremely quickly. These changes are making buying a boat even more difficult, but the potential rewards are very exciting.

Boat Buyers University gives a boat buyer the opportunity to learn what questions to ask and provides information and resources they need with the peace of mind that the answers are not tainted by someone trying to sell a specific boat.

Living the boating lifestyle is what all boat owners dream of before they make the investment in a boat. These educational events will help make sure that your next boat is the perfect boat for you!